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House of Blackbird is run by me, Madeleine Persenstam.
I am a trained Reiki Master and offer a relaxing and peaceful moment where I help your body fill up with energy so that it can self-heal where needed. I also work as an intuitive coach where together we find balance, tools and methods so that you reach your goals more easily.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy medicine where you open up the energy flow in the body where blockages have occurred. It is a gentle and effective treatment method for e.g. pain, stress, anxiety and physical tension. It is relaxing and soothing, increases blood circulation and promotes the body's self-healing ability.

Reiki is wellness, which means that you can use your wellness allowance during a visit to House of Blackbird.

What happens when you receive Reiki?

This is not entirely easy to answer as it is very individual. 

What can be said clinically is that Reiki affects the body's parasympathetic nervous system; it is the system that regulates our stress allowances. Examples of Reiki's effects that can be measured are the levels of oxytocin (the so-called feel-good hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone) as well as pulse and blood pressure. 


What you can expect to feel during a Reiki treatment is deep relaxation. 

Some experience a greater calmness and increased focus similar to that of deep meditation where the body goes into sleep. 

It is not entirely unusual to feel hot flashes and tingling. One can also perceive colors or other images that mean a lot to the individual. 

How does it happen?

You can lie comfortably fully clothed on a bunk where you get a blanket over you if you want it. I also have a heating blanket on the bunk that you lie on but if you don't want any heat from it we will leave it off during your Reiki treatment. Calm and relaxing music is played in the background.

I put my hands on your body (no sensitive areas) but if you don't feel comfortable with touch there is no danger as I just hold my hands just above your body in that case. 

During the Reiki treatment, I feel the energy flow in your body and balance it. If I find any blockages in your energy flow, I open them up so that the stagnation dissolves.

After the treatment, I wake you up a little gently so that you come back to the moment at your own pace. You get water and we sit down and talk about your experience. 

What can coaching help you with??

Coaching is for you who are looking for answers, want to develop and feel confident in yourself.


In a session there is space for you to share and put into words feelings and thoughts. We lift the lid, release what may be repressed and release things that we all carry around such as sadness, anger, guilt, shame, fears and disappointments. During the session there is space for you. You will be listened to and supported all the way.

​You can, for example, get help to:

  • Strengthen the relationship with yourself and others by working with self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Finding your life's purpose by exploring what you are good at and what you enjoy doing.

  • To identify and follow your dreams. Dare to dream big, manifest, attract and take the steps needed to live your dreams.

  • Dare to take the step to start your own business, if that's what you dream of.

  • To connect with and heal your inner child.

  • To put into words perceived fears and limitations and to reprogram the thought patterns that prevent you from moving forward.

  • To create new habits and live a life in line with your soul and your heart.

What is coaching?

Getting coaching can help in different aspects of your life eg career, relationships, health and personal development.

Intuitive Coaching means that I use my intuition when I coach and guide you in the process of refining your goals and strategies to achieve them and is your sounding board on the way there.

Coaching is support to get you where you want to go. To gain clarity, find answers and feel what the next step is. Through conversations, you will receive support and guidance from me as a coach and together we will find answers to the questions and thoughts you carry within you.

Coaching helps you move forward and develop. Coaching is always based on you and your wishes. We explore the answers you have within and make sure you come to clarity and know what the next step is. As a coach, I am by your side and support you all the way.

As a coach, I start from traditional coaching, which involves asking you direct and powerful questions. I am convinced that we all carry the answers within us, our hearts and souls know. But for various reasons we cannot or dare not listen to them. It can be about various fears, blockages and/or limitations and it is these that we curiously explore together. Simple and direct questions are so incredibly powerful when it comes to getting to the core, without unnecessary detours.

I work holistically, which means I look after the whole of you: body, soul, mind, emotions. Everything is connected and forms the fantastic whole that is you.

Coaching takes place via Messenger. At the booked time, I will call you via Messenger.


Together we will find out what your goals are. If you don't know exactly, we'll figure it out together. As a coach, I keep space for you and keep track of the time so you can relax in the moment. 

Vad är kristallhealing och hur fungerar det?

Kristallhealing är en metod där man med hjälp av kristallernas frekvenser återställer balansen i kroppen. Kristallhealing är ett sätt att skapa harmoni. Allt runt omkring oss består av frekvenser, även vi människor. Ibland kan vi känna att kroppen är i obalans på olika sätt som t ex när vi känner stress, humörväxlingar eller energilöshet. Kristaller har en fantastisk förmåga att hjälpa oss att hitta tillbaka till vår naturliga balans genom att påminna kroppen om vilken frekvens den ska ligga på och på så sätt främja kroppens egen läkningsförmåga.


Under en kristallhealing placeras kristaller ut på din kropp när du ligger bekvämt. Du har kläder på dig och om du vill får du en filt över dig

Kristallhealing anpassas utefter dina behov och obalanser som du har.


Behandlingen anpassas genom att olika kristaller som passar just dig placeras på kroppens olika chakran. Ett chakra är ett energicenter i kroppen och dessa är kopplade till både fysiska kroppsdelar och till våra känslor. Vi har 7 olika huvudchakran som kallas - rotchakra, navelchakra, solar plexuschakra, hjärtchakra, halschakra, pannchakra och kronchakra. 

 Våra chakran kan vara blockerade eller i obalans av olika anledningar. Det kan t ex vara rädslor eller tidigare trauman som gör att energin inte kan flöda fritt i detta område. Med hjälp av rätt kristall med rätt frekvens så går det att nysta upp dessa blockeringar så att energin kan flöda fritt igen. Efter en kristallhealing så är det vanligt att uppleva ett lugn och en känsla av harmoni. 

Contact me

Address: Hotellgatan 3, 275 30 Sjöbo, Sweden

Phone: 0721765768

Reiki is wellness and I am connected to 

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